Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dancing Raptor! Basic Swf

This is my DancingRaptor! animation for the Principle(s) of Animation project. There's the pink keyframey verson, and the silhouette version, In raw Swf file form. Hence poor sound. The latter's through here:
Raptor Dance: Silhoutte by ~ManicDraconis on deviantART

I got Silhouetting as my principle to illustrate for our last project, and so I did the whole thing in..well, silhouette. Yay. I'm actually pretty happy with this. It's actually not complete either, so I'll update it when it is. All it's missing is the aftereffects duplicates (prof's request), credits, and the short explaination of the silhouetting principle.

Obligatory "First Post" first post

So! I'm working on getting an actual website up (it's a work in progress; there's a few kinks to work out and space to buy). But I figure I should have SOME kind of internet-based showcase spot. Thus, this is my stand-in site until I have my site up and running.
I'll but posting up art-stuffs and demo reels and other animations that I think are worthwhile on some level. I'll also post up my resume. And maybe post random thoughts, but I'm inclined to internilize those.
Now to hit up youtube for some serious upload buisness.