Monday, August 25, 2008

Senior Year

It's that time again! Well, almost. In about 10 days, the new semester starts up.
I'm adapting Puss in Boots for my thesis, and I've got character designs and some suggestions of layout in my boards, but those need more fleshing out. Storyboards themselves are almost done. I'll upload progress here as I go.

I need to quit my job at the grocery store without having it seem like I planned to do so, considering I already gave them a class schedule to schedule around. There's no way I can afford that much time not doing homework this semester, now that they won't let me draw there anymore,oing and the combined hour of transit time to work isn't doing much for it. Plus it's going to get cold soon. I'm not walking half an hour in the cold through Philadelphia at 10 at night.

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Vee said...

I FOUND YOU!!!!!! =3 I wonder how many other animators have blogs. Got a few, now.